Fuck Yes, It's The Maine

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Giant flyer (Taken with Instagram)


Giant flyer (Taken with Instagram)


The Maine - Hello World

Pioneer and the Good Love (2012)

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Honestly, I don’t think I’m going to be keeping this blog. I just haven’t been up to date with anything The Maine has been doing, and this blog takes so much time out of me. I still love the band and how far they are getting, but knowing their every life decision isn’t really what I want anymore. I have a boyfriend now, and we spend most of our time together. And honestly I have become more of a country girl, rather than alternative/pop.

If anyone would want to keep running this for me or go on it once and a while, that would be lovely. But if that doesn’t happen, then I wouldn’t be too upset. I just need someone trustworthy and someone who would help out greatly .. Pretty much take over. If you would like to, shoot me in my question box thing and I would be more than happy to give y’all details.

It is kind of sad that I don’t know much of what is happening with the band and all of the drama .. So if anyone wants to let me know you know what to do .. Shoot me some questions/answers in my ask! I’d love to talk to a few of y’all before I’m gone


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Ass or Boobs with Kennedy, Pat, and John

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